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The company

Our firm, born as an artisan workshop more than one hundred years ago, is graving continuously and soon it became very popular as inventor and important builder of quarrying stone blocks machines.

Today, D'AMICO firm, is crowning its continuous efforts into the research and technological development; it is always careful of market trend, making different machines, which are designed for quarrying industry, in order to meet the customers’ needs.

The machines, all patented, are of structural steel and other first-rate materials. Our firm prides itself on three generations of experience in this field, so the technique in the design and the first rate materials we employ to make the machines (the best in commerce), assure their long endurance of each part.

The artisan assemblage of the parts, the controls of production and the final tests which conclude the works, making the machines perfect, are our warranty of quality and prominence.
All this assures the great image of our firm all over the world.

Our machines are the result of a practical experience obtain on our own and this represent for the customer the certitude that our products are not prototypes with problems of growth, bat they are perfectly developed, exact, precise.
They are all set in action thanks to electric motor, more or less powerful, according to there model of the machine.
The hardness and the compactness of the stone you want to quarry.

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They are complete automatic either in the lifting and lowering - power of the blades, or in the backward and forward sliding which takes place on iron shaped lines.

The cutting of the stone is:

- A dry-cut, thanks to circular steel blades which assemble along their teeth same special steel Widia points easily replaceable when used up.

- With diamond disk that are wild specifically for the type of the stone to cut, this system guarantee a high quality of cut .

Whit this system you can obtain directly in the quarry squared blocks and very thin slabs perfectly smooth able to employed directly for the creation of quarries for external use or floors.

All the machine are provided with carters which cover blades and gears, and they are also supplied with electric safety devices and acoustic signallers, making them in conformity with the CE main points in force.
We can make machines with different features compared to the production models, according to the type of the stone and to size of the blocks you want to quarry, and also to the particular exchanges of the customers for wham our technical office is at complete disposal. Thanks to our continuous effort of development we are able to furnish a new generations of combined machines that effect directly in the quarry job of high precision.

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The COMBINED machine cuts at the same time both vertically (with two or three blades) and horizontally with one or two blades (one under for cutting and one up for cleaning).

Thanks to the contemporaneity of the cut made vertically and horizontally, and specially thanks to the use two or three vertical blades and two horizontal blades (one that cut under, and another that level.

In this way you can obtain the same size of blocks in all part with the same height) the quarried blocks are perfectly squared and sharp corners, in order to be employed directly, without any change.
It is possible also extract directly on the quarry some very thin slabs perfectly smooth and squared able to employed directly for the creation of coverings for external use or floors without doing any new productive passages with a high decrease of productive costs. Is possible have this system with dry-cut or with diamond disk.

The Diamond Disk System is a great news in the sector thanks to the possibility to obtain an high quality of cut. The machines are so easy that a worker is able to use them at best after having a try of few hours.

It's very important for us to know the kinds of the stone one wants to quarry, receiving a simple to test in order to a commend the most suitable machine, the power of the motors and to produce the correct technical adjustments.

Our technical office is always at work and it studies the new resolutions to apply to the machines, answering for the continuous development of the same.

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The history of Our Firm

the history of D'AmicoOur firm, born as an artisan workshop more than one hundred years ago, is graving continuously and soon it became very popular as inventor and major builder of stone bricks quarrying machines. Today, D'AMICO firm, is crowning ..

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